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- 1991 -

The Figaro enables us to experience

the real essence of

elegance and sophistication.

It is ideal for the person who enjoys

savouring life one day at a time.  


Welcome to our website dedicated to the


The owners topic for this month is Figaro . In view of the increase in theft of and from Figaros - you may be find some worthwhile information in this article!

We have been heavily involved with the Figaro for around 10 years - we really do know every nut and bolt on these cars!

We carry vast of Figaro parts including items that are no longer available from . We also carry a range of Figaro accessories. Our prices are competitive and we're always here to give any help and advice you may need.

Please browse our on-line store where we offer some of the more popular accessories and maintenance and service parts for the Figaro. Please come back from time to time to take a look as we update the site!

We probably have the largest of new Figaro spares in the UK but we can only show a fraction of our on this website - if you don't see what you need - please contact us. You can pay on line for your purchases using debit / or . If you wish to pay by cheque or PO - please email us and we'll give you remittance details.

Unfortunately there's no shoping basket facility on this website. If you wish to purchase a few items - please email or message us and we'll return an invoice which you can just click to pay.

We publish, on a regular basis, some useful information covering aspects of Figaro ownership. To date we've covered:

- Looking after your Figaro.

- Servicing your Figaro. Specifications and Settings.

- Common Figaro Issues and their Resolution

- Preparing your Figaro for Winter

- Battery & Alternator Problems

- Fault Codes and Diagnostics

- Starting Problems

- Fuel Consumption

- Turbo Problems

- Insuring your Figaro

- Servicing & Maintenance Labour Cost

- Figaro

In the coming months we'll cover the following topics:

- Drains and Water Ingress issues.

- Performance problems (misfires, hesitation, flat-spots etc etc)


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