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We can supply every part you'll need to rebuild your Figaro engine.

If you are contemplating reconditioning your engine or even obtaining a 2nd hand unit - you may find this document of interest.

Reconditioning of Alternators, Starter motors, Brake Callipers & Radiators

All the above units are supplied on an exchange basis or we can simply recondition your old unit. Turnaround is fast and we are very competitive. As an example - we can supply a fully rebuilt alternator for less than half the price of your Nissan dealer and of course with a full 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Reconditioned Steering Racks

We would of course be very happy to supply you with a fully reconditioned steering rack but in our experience these racks are replaced unnecessarily far too often! Of course there are times when fitting a reconditioned unit is the only option but this is really the exception rather than the rule! If you do need a reconditioned steering rack then please Contact Us.

There are 3 common failures on the Figaro steering rack - each is repairable without removing the rack from the car

- Leaking / torn rubber bellows. A common MOT failure point and easily remedied with new bellows from our Service Parts section.

- Worn inner tie rod ball joint. Another MOT failure point and often the cause of abnormal tyre wear. Again - we have new tie rods always available in stock.

- Leaking pinion shaft seal. The pinion shaft is where the steering golumn meets the rack. You can observe the area by looking down just to one side of the brake fluid reservoir. Any oily deposits around the pinion shaft indicates failure of the pinion seal(s) and is an instant MOT fail. It's quite a widespread problem and I guess hardly surprising after 17 years! We sell a pinion seal repair kit in our Service Parts section. This kit consisting of genuine Nissan parts will solve leak problems on the pinion shaft. The kit comes with full fitting instructions!


Manufacturers quote the average effective life of a turbo unit, as fitted to the Figaro, at around 80000miles. There can be huge variation above and below this figure depending largely on how the unit has been treated - in particular oil quality and history of changes together with always allowing the engine to idle for the prescribed period before switch-off.

Turbo failure is usually indicated by a heavily smoking exhaust. In other cases the turbo rotor can seize so that there is no turbo action.

If your turbo has failed - we can help you! We can:

- Repair your old unit. However this is sometimes not possible or not cost effective but it is always our starting point

- Supply a fully reconditioned and warranted unit. This is on a service exchange basis but the proviso is that your old unit must be capable of being reconditioned eventually.

- Supply a new Hitachi unit identical to the original.

- The Hitachi unit, to be fair, is an obsolete unit and we are able to supply an excellent Garrett direct fit turbo for the Figaro. This is a modern unit from one of the leading names in turbo technology! Theres also a significant cost advantage compared to a new Hitachi unit!

In the first instance - please contact us with regard to turbo problems on your Figaro. We'll happily work with you or your garage towards the best solution for your particular circumstances!